If you are new to hosting, you might be overwhelmed by all the acronyms and tools you have at your disposal. Let us introduce you to the most important tool, the Control Panel, or Cpanel.

Think of this tool as the brain of your website. It controls everything.

To access your control panel, login to your account (top, right red button). You should be on this screen:

Simply click on the SERVICES section.

Click on the desired service you want to access.

And click on Login to cPanel.

If your configurations are configured correctly, this should automatically log you into the cPanel.

If not, contact customer service by using a service ticket.

Voila, you are into the brain of the cPanel.

Be careful what you do here, the wrong step can render your website or e-mails operational. If you are not sure, contact our support team.

Watch this video, available on our 2 Simple Hosting YouTube channel on how to create a new email.

More to come.

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