Do you have a website (or multiple websites) ? Do you know how to insert a HTML code on your website ? Then this is the plan for you. Not only to you join a network of websites across the Internet, you can advertise your products and services with us and save 90% or more on regular advertisement rates. Also, any ad space sales made by your own banner will generate you income that can in return be used to purchase more advertising.

The only requirement is that you place one HTML code for a 468×60 space ad on your website. I would suggest somewhere people go most often, so that you increase your chances of being viewed and clients purchase ads from your site. You can put a maximum of ONE code per page. You can add 100 codes, as long as it’s on 100 different pages.

Have more then one website? No problem. Each websites corresponds to an account that you can purchase ads individually or share your Impression or Clicks credits across all your websites.

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